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It is in no way an exaggeration to say that the world at large has gone mobile. The adoption rates, penetration and overall influence the smartphone now has on millions of lives across the world, all accrued in a relatively short time, is nothing short of remarkable.

People's reading habits changed with the advent of the internet but also with the arrival of tablets, smartphones, eBook readers, kindles and so on. These devices have changed the way we view literature online, they have made it more accessible and portable, how many people do you see on their commute in the morning reading such a device? I would hazard a guess and say quite a few.

It is a fair assessment to say that the digital age has touched most of our lives in one way or another. The advent of the internet, the explosion of digital channels widely available and continuous advancements in technology have all contributed to major changes in brands approaches to marketing.

In today’s digitally driven society, a high percentage of people have a smartphone and or tablet and an even higher percentage have a mobile phone. Connected devices and the influence they yield within our day to day lives grow with each passing day. In order for businesses to continue to grow and take advantage of the ever growing online arena and the numerous advantages that it entails.


  • ► Increase magazine distribution on a global scale

  • ► Deliver content across multiple platforms and devices

  • ► Lower production and on-going publishing costs

  • ► Open new sustainable revenue channels through advertising and eCommerce

  • ► Instantly direct potential customers and traffic to your content


Your magazine needs to reach users wherever they are and regardless of what device they are using. Major mobile devices including android and iPhone, as well as tablet devices including the iPad and all Android tablets should be catered to.


Embedded links can instantly take readers to your website, purchase or subscribe pages, drawing attention to the content that you wish to highlight.

Users enjoy high-resolution imagery and visuals that bring a magazine to life and offer an enhanced and pleasurable reading experience.

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