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"The average American adult spends an astounding 5 hours and nine minutes a day using digital media – not including television"







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A large majority of online outlets have higher circulations then traditional print publications. In fact, many magazines and newspapers are outdone by their own online counterparts;  for example, the Sunday print edition of the New York Times has a circulation of a little over two million, while the online-only version has over 15 million unique visitors per month (numbers pulled via Cision). Clients will always enjoy seeing their product in the glossy pages of a magazine or on the front page of the newspaper, but online coverage has the potential for more eyeballs to be exposed to their product and brand, and for a longer period of time.

Content. It lives! While that mention of your client in yesterday’s newspaper is probably now in the recycling bin, a mention in a media site continues to live on well past the date it was posted. The article featuring your client will be archived on the site, forever searchable to those who might have read or heard about it elsewhere. Websites also usually share links to their posts via their social media channels (and they usually include social sharing buttons with the article), ensuring your client’s coverage reaches a broader audience and can be shared and disseminated often and widely.




Looks great and thanks so much.   Getting very excited about 2018 possibilities😲

Loretta Herrington

Hi Lou,


great article. You captured things very nicely. Thanks for this.



Dr. Dan Andreae



An amazing epistolary triumph!


You certainly understand what's at stake. It's important to recognize the value of examining the legacy our ancestral sisters left for us to build upon. Even though women have been crushed by patriarchy, they don't have to start from ground zero to build a new society. I  have tried to light a torch that will inspire women to follow an illuminated path that women and, hopefully, men can follow.


I will examine your essay and make whatever revislions seem appropriate.  


It's most refreshing to beable to work wilth you on this project.



Kimberly Berg

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